Our pestos, hummus, entrees, Quick Breads & soups are available for wholesale at local farm markets, gourmet, fine food, delicatessens, liquor & grocery stores.

All our items are sold frozen, fully cooked (if applicable) and ready to eat/heat. Private labeling is available. Orders require up to 5 days for processing, though all attempts are made to fill orders as quickly as possible.

 Payment is required at time of delivery. There is no fee for delivery, a minimum of $50 is required. Samples are available as well as a member of our staff to do an in store demo.

Many of our items are Gluten Free, Dairy Free or Vegetarian & we do our best to avoid cross contamination, however all items are prepared in a mixed use kitchen where all allergens may be present.

For Price Inquiries or to Place an Order please email Sales@silverbirchkitchens.com.

For ingredient, recipe or creative questions Jessica can be reached at jess@silverbirchkitchens.com.